Sample Koala Rescue

KoalaRight on sunrise, Jess and little Lily were down the hill visiting the human house. Relentless summer sun made their fur coats hot, and the eucalyptus leaves wither. The earth had not cooled at night and the slightest hint of sun baked the air. Thirsty, they drank from a bucket of water near the verandah.
The human children pressed their noses against the glass of the sliding door and watched the little grey-brown bundles. Little Lily enjoyed the many photos they took. Her black nose was shiny with water but when her furry ears heard the screen door open, she bounded across the yard and back up the old tree to climb over the fence. That was enough adventure for her. Jess, curious about the humans, stayed for a while then lolloped across the dying vineyard. She then rambled through the dust to check on her cousins.
Visiting her cousins was wonderful fun, but her travels made her sleepy. Jess climbed her favourite tree and wedged her bottom into the fork. She glanced over at her sister then fell asleep under the leafy canopy.


inside the book - Koala Rescue
Inside the book - Koala Rescue
The dance of the eagle and the condor by Robert Millar book cover


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Bob's book helped me understand the global conundrum of world debt, inflation and monetary policy whilst taking me on an intrepid journey around the world. The dance of the Eagle and the Condor travels to far and wide regions to uncover a new perspective on social and economic growth, grounded on empathy and depth of knowledge. 


Adelaide, Australia

Have just finished your book which I thoroughly enjoyed! I loved the premise of the story, the beautiful descriptive language and the fact that I could visualise so many of the settings in the book.


Melbourne, Australia

Robert Milar has strong, well thought through views. An impressive book by a number of measures - it's a great story with a strong message.


Political science tragic, Australia